Dear Friends,

If you live (from north to south) in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Los Altos Hills, Los Altos, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, the southern part of South Almaden Valley, or in the unincorporated County hillside communities in this area, I humbly request your support and vote as I run for re-election this fall for District 7 of the Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Simply put, you elected me to bring change to the Water District Board and you
got it. Let's continue the momentum we’ve created.

 You entrusted me with your water and I take this responsibility seriously. The District entered this historic drought in good position, and I've played a leadership role in our response. I led a change before the drought that increased conservation rebates. I later wrote the memo that doubled many of our water conservation rebates, which quintupled the response for lawn replacement. We’re vastly expanding recycled water, and I’m advocating treatment of wastewater to drinkable levels (“potable reuse”), a new, drought-proof water supply. NASA has done this for astronauts. We can do it too.

I upheld my campaign promises:  evening meetings so the public can attend; increased authority to citizen-run advisory committees; controlled costs and cut the Board’s pay back to 2008 levels; treated and removed poisonous mercury from our ecosystem; secured millions of dollars of funding for environmental restoration; and took giant steps forward in flood protection Countywide.

​Please look around here at for why this momentum must continue. Thank you, and  I look forward to serving you again.

​Also please “like” the Facebook page for the campaign and leave a comment expressing best wishes so your Facebook friends can see.


P.S. Thanks again for your help! 


Brian Schmidt

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Your Water - Your Choice
Major current issue - fighting the regressive tax removal proposal that cuts taxes on the wealthiest at the expense of the rest

The strongest contrast in this election is about the State Water Project property tax. I strongly oppose the proposal for a "cumulative removal of these
taxes from the property tax bills” in communities that receive mostly San Francisco's Hetch Hetchy water. The proposal is a deeply misguided non-solution to a real problem because the benefit goes to the wealthiest landowners. I have actual solutions.

The first effect of the tax removal goes to the following groups:

Renters in communities getting this water: nothing
Owners of $500 thousand homes: $35/year
Owners of $10 million homes: $700/year

The second effect is to create a deficit in the Water District's budget which would have to be made up for by increasing water rates in the communities receiving the Water District's water. Everyone will pay - seniors on fixed income, the poor, and everyone else, from parts of Mountain View and Los Altos Hills to vast majorities in Los Altos, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos and San Jose, and elsewhere in the County.

We've seen this before - tax cuts for the richest creating deficits that have to be made up for by everyone else. It's a bad policy that doesn't even help the richest in the end because it doesn't help their communities.

By contrast, the solution I support for this problem - communities paying for State Water Project water while receiving less benefits - is to improve the water system in these communities. Water District funding for water conservation sends money back to those communities, as could Water District support for expanding recycled water systems. The entire County benefits from a stronger water system.

I'm flattered that the opposition now says it supports the water conservation and recycled water solutions I've discussed since last year, but as long as they also continue to promote the property tax removal, they are leading in the wrong direction.