Dear Friends, 

​It might seem early, but election season is upon us. I want you to know that I intend to continue doing great work for environmental and watershed restoration, for providing and conserving water during this challenging drought, and for protecting our communities from flooding. I'm very happy to let you know that I will be running for re-election and would love to have your continued support. 

Each election is an opportunity for the public to reassess how we’ve done and what should be done, and it’s an opportunity for you and me to do the same. Please read our Issues page for more information but in a sentence we’ve successfully delivered on what we said we would do in 2010, emphasizing public involvement and the environment, and still there’s a lot left to do.

We would love to have your vote and your support and your ideas and your influence (yes, you have influence!) to win re-election and achieve everything we hope to in the next term. I promised in 2010 that I would only serve two terms in a row and I stand by that, so it means we have to get a lot done in the next term. 

Please “like” the Facebook page for the campaign and leave a comment expressing best wishes so your Facebook friends can see.


P.S. Thanks again for your help! 


Brian Schmidt

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Your Water - Your Choice