(Hi everyone - below is my website from the successful 2010 campaign. I'm starting to gear up for 2014, which will be my second and last run for the Water District seat, as I promised two terms max. I will be publishing updates, so check back soon! In the meantime, please visit my blog and Facebook page.)

Your water, your water supply, your watersheds, and your freedom from floodwaters - these issues are both technically complex and critically important.  Brian plans, with your help, to continue to bring his experienced leadership and passion for the Bay Area to address these issues as a Santa Clara Valley Water District Board member.

As an environmental lawyer who has worked for years on water issues, Brian has the experience and commitment to address these challenges.  He served for six years on the Water District's Environmental Advisory Committee and the Performance Audit Committee. Brian knows the current issues, knows the current policies and knows where changes need to be made. 


Brian Schmidt

Santa Clara Valley Water District

Your Water - Your Choice